A Brief Profile

I grew up in Palawan (southern Philippines) where my father translated the NT into a tribal language.  After college, I worked as a missionary in Asia (1977-1999); there my wife and I raised our children. Over the last twenty years, I have taught and done administrative work at Clearwater Christian College, Cedarville University, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School at Trinity International University. At TIU I have served as the Director of Graduate Programs at the Florida Regional Center and as  Affiliate Professor of New Testament. I continue to teach as an adjunct professor for TIU. My primary work is as a missionary-educator with the Christian Training and Missionary Fellowship, where I serve as president. My passions include theology and the global church, along with the gospel mission to Islam.  Along the way I have studied under William Dyrness at Asian Theological Seminary (now at Fuller), Robert Peterson at Biblical Theological Seminary (retired now from Covenant Seminary, St. Louis), and I did my dissertation on wisdom christology under D. A. Carson.  My book, Wisdom Christology: How Jesus Becomes God’s Wisdom for Us, was published in  2011.  My essay “How Does God’s Love in Christ Relate to Islam?” was published in The Love of God (Crossway, 2016). I am currently working on a book on Islamic theology for Christians, an essay on “wisdom” for Baker Academic, as well as a volume on Trinitarian theology for the church’s mission.

You can contact me by posting a comment or sending me an email at drdanebert@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “A Brief Profile

  1. […] Dan Ebert served as a missionary in Asia from 1977 to 1999. Then he taught at Clearwater Christian College for nine years, and he now teaches at Cedarville University. He also does adjunct teaching at several schools, including Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Virginia Beach. […]

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