The Earliest Christian Confession and Wisdom

The gospel and Christian theology can be summed up by two early Church confessions: “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures (OT)” and “Jesus is Lord (YHWH).” This confessional couplet both roots our faith in the OT revelation, with its redemptive-historical promises and affirms monotheism. It also brings a shift of focus from the Law to the glorified Christ: within a trinitarian matrix, the living Lord Jesus becomes the hermeneutical and experiential center for God’s people. The earliest application of this new way of life is embedded in certain “heightened christological” passages of the New Testament. My book, Christological Wisdom: How Jesus Becomes God’s Wisdom for Us focuses on a number of these texts as models for the contemporary church. In this way, we, too, can better confess Christ, the needed wisdom for today.

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