Christ the Resurrected One (Gleanings in Christology #9)

There are two dimensions to Christ’s resurrected life: as the resurrected Lord he is bodily absent from us, seated at the Father’s right hand (Heb 1:4); yet as the resurrected Lord, he is also present with us by the Spirit (Matt 28:20).

These two dimensions of Christ’s resurrected life merit meditation. As the Absent One, Jesus reigns in his glorified body (Ps 110:1). As the Absent One, Christ represents us before the Father (Heb 4:14-16; Rom 8:34). As the Absent One our Lord is in heaven, receiving worship (Phil 2:9-11), welcoming saints home (Acts 7:56), and preparing a place for us (John 14:2).

He is the Absent One. Yet Jesus is also here with us as the Present One. Our life is “in him” by his Spirit (Col 2:6)! One day the Absent One will return in all his bodily glory, and we will be fully present with him forever. Let’s keep confessing Jesus as Lord and believing that God has raised him from the dead (Rom 10:8-9)!

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