Christ the Example (Gleanings in Christology #8)

In the New Testament nearly everything is re-oriented around Christ; he fulfills all the Old Testament prophecies and types.  Jesus is the new temple, the effective sacrifice, the true king, the final prophet, the perfect priest, the second Adam, and so much more.  The Old Testament moral teachings also find their goal in Christ: he modelled perfect humanity.

His earthly life reflected God’s glory, exhibiting moral beauty.  Jesus answers two important questions. How can I be saved?  Trust in Christ. How should I live?  Become increasingly like Christ in the Spirit’s power.

Many Scriptures call Christ our example: e.g., 1 Peter 2:21-24. Many of these Scriptures challenge us to be conformed to his example: e.g., Eph 5:1-2.  Other texts promise that one day we will be like him in moral perfection: 1 John 3:2. Since these things are true, let’s seek to grow in Christ likeness day by day.

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