Christ the Returning One (Gleanings in Christology #10)

The longing of every Christian is for the return of Christ. This has been true since the cry of the earliest church, Maranatha, “Come, Lord!”  In fact, the whole creation groans waiting for this day (Rom 8:22-23).

When Jesus returns as he promised, several wonderful things will happen. Here are some of them.

Satanic forces, and all those who oppose Christ, shall finally be defeated (2 Thess 1:7-10). This broken world will be made brand new, including both heaven and earth (2 Pet 3:13). Every knee shall bow before Christ and confess him as Lord (Phil 2:11). Believers will receive glorified bodies like Christ’s glorious body (Phil 3:21). Then, at last, you and I shall be with him and shall be like him, confirmed in holiness and everlasting joy (1 Jn 3:2).

The main reason for his delay is that others might come to know our Savior (2 Pet 3:9). Let’s share the message of Christ everywhere so others may also enjoy these amazing blessings of his return.

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