Miroslav Volf has written an important book  for the church on the question of the God of Islam and the God of Christianity, entitled  Allah: A Christian Response.  Whether one agrees with Volf on all the details of his argument or not, this volume will help advance an important and necessary conversation.  May this  help us who confess to follow Jesus to be “peacemakers” and faithful to the gospel.  May Muslims who  listen to our conversation find a people who love in word and deed.


6 thoughts on “Allah

  1. I’ll definitely plan on getting this one. Have you read A Common Word Between Us and You: Muslims and Christians on Loving God and Neighbor? He wrote on the topic some in there, and there were a variety of other chapters by Muslim and Christian leaders.

    Honestly, I’ve felt a little uncomfortable with the direction Volf seems to be taking, but nonetheless, I think the discussion is an important one, and hopefully the dialogue will continue about it all.

    • Justin, the feeling is mutual. Good to hear from you. Perhaps our paths will cross again soon. I will be in the Tampa area next week for Spring break. I hope to see Muhammad.

  2. Dan, do you “agree with Volf on all (or most) of the details of his argument”? I read what was available for free on Amazon and could see I could benefit from reading the book, although at present I believe the God of Islam and Christianity are poles apart. I added the book to my Amazon “wish list” (Kindle edition) for when I finish the other books I’m reading on Islam and other world religions. I’m preparing for a six-week class on comparative religions — I think I’ll be the one learning the most!

    Hey, it’s been a few years since we mixed sweat on the wrestling mat. Hope this comment finds you well! –Ralph

    • Ralph, good to hear from you. Yes, we are “old” men for sure — though our wrestling mat days seem like only yesterday. Let’s say I am very empathetic with Volf’s approach. He makes careful and important distinctions, which I often find lacking in the conversation. I hope his book will get a fair and thoughtful reading. It is NOT a book about how one is “saved,” but about how Christians and Muslims should treat each other in public discourse…kind of a political theology. But I think it will help Christians parse the question of the identity of God more carefully. Are you in Asia these days?

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