Schreiner’s NT Theology and Christology

Justin White has posted an interesting interview by Andy Naselli with Tom Schreiner on his NT theology volume. I found the following question particularly helpful.

“How would you respond to someone who criticized your NTT for duplicating a chief flaw of Guthrie’s NTT (redundancy) without possessing a chief strength (organizational predictability and thoroughness)?

I think the chief flaw of Guthrie is that his NT theology is too much like a systematic theology, so that it can be questioned whether he has really, at the end of the day, written a NT theology.
In terms of my own work, I would contend that I have focused on what Matthew, John, Paul, etc. focused on. For example, a large part of my book is Christological, but that is because my task was to listen to the NT writers. And whether we read Matthew, Luke, John, Paul, Hebrews, or Revelation, we find that Christology dominated their writings! Our task is not to concentrate on what fascinates us but what the documents themselves say. Furthermore, I think there
is a rich variety in terms of Christology, not a boring redundancy.”


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