The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Dialogue

In a fascinating little volume by Mark Noll and James Turner, with a helpful introductory chapter by Thomas Howard (the editor), two scholars discuss the future of Christian Learning. This evangelical and Catholic dialogue is filled with honesty and perceptive insights. Mark Noll’s definition of Christian learning confirmed the direction of my own thinking in recent years:

“Christian learning worthy of the name must be as genuinely Christian as genuinely learned. Here I take “real Christianity’ to mean a trinitarian understanding of God, and also fo the world as fully understandable only in relation to the Trinity. Real Christianity, in these terms, acknowledges God as creator and providential sustainer of all that exists; it looks upon Christ as the only effective agent for the salvation of humankind, which has denied its own creaturely status by turning away from God; and it regards the Holy Spirit as the active presence of God in the world whose task, in the words of John’s Gospel, is to ‘convince the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment’ (16:8).” [p. 28]


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