Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective

This introduction to Christology is an excellent model of careful, creative, and yet confessing theology. The intentional integration of Christology with a rich Trinitarian theology is refreshing. Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective is edited by Fred Sanders and Klaus Issler.

Here is a sample (following a wonderfully concise and helpful summary of the early church councils on Christology):

“At the center of the open space marked out by the boundaries of Chalcedon are two things: the apostolic narrative of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and the confession that this person in the gospel narrative is an eternal person distinct from the Father, yet fully divine. What stands in the middle of the Chalcedonian categories is the biblical story of Jesus, interpreted in light of the Trinity” (p. 25).

The following also resonates with me:Β  β€œTo think rightly about the Trinity, the incarnation, or the atonement, the theologian must think about all of them at once, in relation to each other.” (p. 226).


4 thoughts on “Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective

  1. i guess “wide range” are not the right words. i am not in opposition to the book (which is not possible because i haven’t read it πŸ™‚ i should check it out sometime. thanks!

  2. Sanders’ piece is excellent. It was required reading for our Systematics class, and turned out be a a good read. I actually met Sanders in Cambridge last summer, we sat next to each other in church. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back and read the rest of it in the future.

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