Nexus Mysteriorum

The observation that there has been a lack of trinitarian imagination in Western theology, a kind of trinitarian forgetfulness, is painfully close to the mark.  Many, while confessing the Trinity at the formal level, live their everyday lives as though God were a bare monad.  How do we faithfully bare witness to the gospel, if our speech and thoughts are nearly Unitarian?  How, at this critical hour, does the church  give a certain sound before Dar Al Islam, if the Christian community is confused and forgetful about it's own confession?  Therefore we ought to listen to those who help us remember, and who stimulate us to biblically faithful trinitarian imaginations. 

Such voices are coming from many directions.  Anne Hunt, an Austrailian Roman Catholic writer, recently published a book simply entitled The Trinity. While the careful non-Catholic reader will filter her labor through his or her own tradition, Anne has much to offer. 

The full title of this useful volume is Trinity: Nexus of the Mysteries of the Christian Faith.  The thesis is that the Trinity is the nexus mysteriorum, i.e., that which provides the interconnection of all the doctrines.  [The Catholic use of the term "mystery" here is not to be confused with the NT usage of "mysterion," which has a special redemptive historical sense.]  

Anne's aim in her own words is "to awaken the trinitarian intuition and to foster an explicitly trinitarian imagination that extends and enriches the entire theological enterprise" (p. 4). 

This is a worthy goal. 


3 thoughts on “Nexus Mysteriorum

  1. Her thesis is valid, as there is no other way to interconnect all doctrines apart from a trinitarian context and remain faithful to the whole biblical narrative.

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