“Theology” in Cultural Perspective

Today many careful scholars are contributing toward a theology that flows in a healthy direction.  A stimulating work is Colin Greene’s Christology in Cultural Perspective.  The opening statement is rich: “At the centre of Christianity stands not a timeless truth, nor a principle, not even a cause, but an event and a person – Jesus of Nazareth experienced and confessed as the Christ.”

This volume is a helpful model for serious theological work.  Is Green an advocate for a Christ centered Trinitarian theology?  Note the following:

“Hitherto, postmodernity has been almost entirely an exercise in radical deconstruction, decentring and wholesale dethroning of usurpers and pretenders to the throne of absolute power and truth.  The resulting epistemological blitzkieg has devasted the intellectual landscape of modernity beyond repair including the ideological interment camp to which religion has been banished.  If this analysis is correct, then the opportunity is there to try to construct again a sustainable, credible and intellectually convincing christological vision of reality

[After summarizing some helpful recommendations on Christology, he then concludes]

We have arrived at a point where Christology dares to go no further, except, as we have indicated, when it is subsumed within a Trinitarian expostion of the doctrine of God and that is not our particular task” (pp. 351, 368).

Ah, but at the end of the day [and at the beginning] for the believer, this MUST be the task. 


2 thoughts on ““Theology” in Cultural Perspective

  1. What must we become in order to reconstruct focus on the perichoretic relationship with the Christ as THE focus? A struggle when “being right” was the order of the day in our past theological generation. Awareness of the Spirit’s presence & perhaps an authentic belief in Sovreignty -we grasp for explanations, while He just is! “Help our unbelief”.

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