The Fundamental Christian Story

Richard B. Hays has written a thoughtful and insightful book entitled The Moral Vision of the New Testament.  On p. 153 he gives the following summary of the story which ostensibly provides the unity of the NT.  In my view, it is on target, and does what I have been asking my theology students to do:  express the Christian worldview in 200 words or less.  Hays does it in the following 89 (!)words:

The God of Israel, the creator of the world, has acted (astoundingly) to rescue a lost and broken world through the death and resurrection of Jesus; the full scope of that rescue is not yet apparent, but God has created a community of witnesses to this good news, the church.  While awaiting the grand conclusion of the story, the church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is called to reenact the loving obedience of Jesus Christ and thus to serve as a sign of God’s redemptive purposes for the world.


3 thoughts on “The Fundamental Christian Story

  1. The succinctness of this draws focus to the essentials. If we minister looking through this filter, then perhaps our decisions/service may be borne out of belief in Sovreignty, rather than in our finger-crossing, hopeful control.

  2. Didaskalos Emou,

    Thanks for the great quote. [sound of adding Hays’ book to my wishlist in the background]

    And thanks for the good pedagogical idea . . . I think I’ll follow your lead with my “intro to the OT” Sunday School class this summer by attempting to hold up the same goal–to tell the story of the Bible in a paragraph or less.

    If you’re looking for a tract that has somewhat of the same succinctness without losing the creation, fall, redemption worldview focus, check out Two Ways to Live.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, Dr. Ebert. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and learning more about the Christ-centered, Trinitarian model of Christian thought…

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