And the Word was made flesh…

Many theologians are speaking afresh of Christ within the context of the Trinity.  I am fully persuaded that this is the right direction for the Church.  Over the last seven years, I have been struggling to teach theology to college students.  I am finding that a christocentric trinitarian matrix holds promise on several fronts.  I am moving in that direction, and integrating more and more of my work within that framework. 

The Trinity is what makes the gospel possible; it is what distinguishes orthodox Christianity from every other religion, philosophy, or worldview; it is what shapes the believer's experience within the community of faith.  A careful integration of relational theology within a trinitarian matrix, centering on God's redeeming self-revelation in Christ, can be amazingly fruitful.  Welcome to the conversation!


4 thoughts on “And the Word was made flesh…

  1. Ebert Blog Joins the Blogosphere

    There’s blogs, and then there’s blogs. I’m excited to introduce my beloved teacher’s new home on the web, what will surely become a blog of blogs: Dr. Dan Ebert’s Christ-Centered, Trinitarian Conversation.

    A jungle rat with years of missionary …

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